Spa Window Cleaning

We use a pure water reach and wash system that is mounted to our van. The water is purified through two carbon filters, a reverse osmosis system and then finally through a de-ionising vessel. This 4 stage filtration filters all impurities out of the water so that it is 100% pure.

When cleaning your windows we use a telescopic pole to reach the windows with brushes on the end. The brushes are used to scrub all dirt off the windows using the pure water. Windows are then rinsed thoroughly with the pure water and left to dry. As there are no impurities in the water the windows will dry to a clean, streak free finish. This system has many benefits. One benefit is that we can reach many tricky to reach windows, like windows above conservatories or at the side of the house where it is perhaps inaccessible with a ladder. This means that all windows can be cleaned safely and thoroughly from the ground. For more information or to have any questions answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

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